Bethany, Shiraz 2006

Bethany, Shiraz 2006

Bethany, Shiraz 2006 Review

There aren’t too many winemakers around who hold back their reds for over five years before releasing them, but the Schrapel family from Bethany Wines are one of those rare breeds.

The 2006 Bethany Shiraz shows the benefits of age from the nose to the toes and in fact, right across the palate. Some softness and warmth up front make it very approachable on the lips, whilst the typically powerful Barossa fruit has been harnessed by a subtle aged oakiness and enhanced by just a touch of sweetness.

It’s definitely the type of wine that benefits from being given time to breathe, but it doesn’t need any more time lying on its side as I reckon it’s drinking at its peak right now.


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