When I  was asked to start writing restaurant reviews for the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper about 17 years ago I jumped at the chance to combine my passion for all things wine with my love of fine food and dining out.

But being a bon vivant proved problematic when a child entered the equation, so for the last decade or so my manuscripts have primarily focused on wine, viticulture and players in the industry.

The journey has been memorable; meeting winemakers, visiting vineyards, eating out and sampling new releases of wines from across Australasia. At times my research has even taken me to Countries like Chile, Italy, Germany, the USA , New Zealand and of course, France. Some of the most spectacular places I’ve visited have been in the vineyard region of the so-called  “Old World” wine regions and there’s no better way to take in the scenery and appreciate the local culture than to tour on a bike; although holding a glass while descending can be a tad awkward!

Regularly I’m asked for an old article or my notes from a visit to a winery or region, but seldom can I find it! Hence this website.

It is a mix of my wine reviews and travelling pursuits, with a dash of cycling and possibly a restaurant review or two as well, so feel free to follow my blog and provide your feedback and comments if you have something to add to the conversation.

Whilst I may be passionate about wine and oenology, I don’t think that it needs to be taken too seriously unless you’re responsible for making it! My views are just that; an opinion. So feel free to disagree or leave a comment.