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Aramis, The Governor Syrah 2006 Review

Aramis, “The Governor” Syrah 2006

There’s little doubt that bad wines make the good ones seem great and vice versa, but if you ever try the Aramis “The Governor” Syrah 2006 after a glass of poorly crafted Pinot from the Yarra (like I did), you’ll seriously believe that you’ve received manna from heaven! The “Governor” is probably Aramis’ flagship wine,…
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T'Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006 Review

T’Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006

Pinot Gris is generally a richer and more opulent style than its much leaner Italian Pinot Grigio cousin, which is made using the same grape. And if ever there was a complex and decadent Alsacian style of Pinot Gris, it is the T’Gallant Tribute Pinot Gris 2008. I really like the dried fruit and herbaceous…
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Linfield Road, "The Black Hammer" Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Review

Linfield Road, “The Black Hammer” Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

From vines first planted in 1860 in the Southern Barossa Valley, the Linfield Road wines certainly have maturity of vines on their side! The 2006 “The Black Hammer” Cabernet Sauvignon ($18-22 a bottle) is slightly dirty in the glass but has a herbaceous, cedary nose that invites immediate imbibement. At first, the rich fruit titillates…
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Morande, Reserva Carménère 2006 Review

Morande, Reserva Carmenere 2006

The Lost Wine Found – It may not be a well-known style but Carmenere is a wine set to stage an almighty comeback thanks to its rise as the signature varietal of the Chilean wine industry. Carmenere is often referred to as the ‘lost grape of Bordeaux’ as a result of the vines being wiped…
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Bethany, Shiraz 2006 Review

Bethany, Shiraz 2006

There aren’t too many winemakers around who hold back their reds for over five years before releasing them, but the Schrapel family from Bethany Wines are one of those rare breeds. The 2006 Bethany Shiraz shows the benefits of age from the nose to the toes and in fact, right across the palate. Some softness…
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