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taylors estate travis schultz wine review

Taylors Shiraz

Riesling may be the rockstar varietal of the Clare Valley, but if you ask me, their shiraz is a well above average support act. Blessed with a moderate continental climate, the region enjoys warm days which are generally followed by afternoon breezes and cooler nights. And it’s this wide diurnal temperature range that makes for…
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Nepenthe Wines

Spectacular Hahndorf vineyards don’t disappoint

When a good mate of mine emailed me to let me know that our 2020 boys wine appreciation trip was a visit to Hahndorf in South Australia, I smiled from ear to ear. I’ve visited the German hamlet in the Adelaide Hills a few times before and I’ve always thought that it’s up there with…
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2017 Castle Rock Estate Shiraz

Castle Rock Estate Shiraz

The Great Southern wine region in Western Australia has been producing table wines since the late 1960s, but to this day remains largely underrated, if not undiscovered, by consumers. Perhaps it’s a product of the commercial success of the Margaret River that sees it stealing the Sandgroper’s limelight, or it could just be the tyranny…
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2015 Gartelmann “Diedrich” Shiraz Review

Orange is the new pink

According to the well known Charles Caleb Colton aphorism, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or for the Oscar Wilde disciples, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”. So when winemakers leave their regional heartland to source fruit from a competitor district, it must surely be taken by…
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Ian Botham Wines

Ian Botham Wines

They were long, hot and often dry summers, but some of my fondest childhood memories are of spending the Christmas school holidays going to the beach, swimming in my friends’ pools, and spending countless hours with eyes glued to a static-ridden tv screen listening to Richie Benaud calling the Ashes. I loved watching Dennis Lillee…
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Alkoomi Wines, Jarrah Shiraz 2011 Review

Franklin River – the best Shiraz producing region in Australia

There’s naturally a degree of hesitation in expressing an opinion about wine, wine regions and winemakers. After all, opinions are rather self-indulgent and often, ill-considered, half-baked and formed in ignorance of the facts. So when I was recently asked for my view as to which region produces the best Shiraz in Australia, I baulked! How…
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Windowrie of Cowra, New South Wales

Windowrie of Cowra

The Cowra wine region covers around 1,250 square kilometres in the Lachlan River Valley at the southern end of the Central Ranges zone in New South Wales.  Unsurprisingly, the district is named after the largest town in the region and it’s amongst the lowest altitude and warmest parts of the Central Ranges region. And while…
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Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz 2017

Better With Age … Not Quite

The terms “Vielles Vignes” or “old vines” have become to the wine industry what buzzwords like “superfood”, “natural” and “organic” are to products on the supermarket shelves; terms that sound impressive to the consumers and get the cash registers ringing, but beyond enabling a price premium to be achieved, does it really make any discernible…
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Cowra Wine Region

Grapes Shape Fresh Tactic

The Cowra wine region covers about 1250sqkm in the Lachlan River Valley at the southern end of the Central Ranges zone in NSW. Unsurprisingly, the district is amongst the lowest altitude and warmest parts of the Central Ranges region. And while the oenological offerings of the area have risen to prominence in recent decades only,…
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Shiraz is the heavy lifter

Only three and a half hours drive to the north west of Sydney, lies the wine district of Mudgee, a part of the Central Ranges Zone. It may be a tad chilly there at this wintery time of year, but the cool climate, spring frosts and low rainfall make wines from local vineyards distinctive, if not…
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