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Chateau Kefraya les Breteches 2016

War no barrier to top wines

If you overlook Lebanon for its winemaking abilities, you are truly missing out! When we think of Lebanon, I suspect that we tend to think of historical civil war conflict, tabbouleh and hummus. And perhaps even its Roman ruins and the beaches of Beirut. But what we don’t seem to commonly appreciate is that the…
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Chateau Khoury, Cuvee Ste Therese 2007 Review

Chateau Khoury, Cuvee Ste Therese 2007

Despite being one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world, Lebanon’s wine industry is somewhat underdeveloped. And it’s hard not to smirk at the irony given that it was the ancient Venetians from the same region who, according to ancient history, were largely responsible for spreading viticulture across Europe. I had never had…
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