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Great Southern! The Oldest Wine Region in Australia

Given that Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, it probably isn’t surprising that we are home to the world’s largest and most isolated wine region. Some might say that it’s a dubious honour, but the wine industry of the Great Southern Region in the southwest of WA wears it as a badge…
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Riesling – a grape to love or hate? 

Perhaps more polarising than Kyle Sandilands, Riesling is one of those grapes that most people either love or hate; rarely is there a middle ground. I’ve heard friends say they wouldn’t ruin their risotto by pouring in a cup of Riesling, but others vow that it’s the word they instinctively scan for when handed a…
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Sauvignon Blanc: How New Zealand’s Popular Grape Became Australia’s Sweetest Obsession

It’s all New Zealand’s fault. And their day of reckoning will come. Why is it that a grape as popular, pretty and racy as sauvignon blanc became indistinguishable from Cottees fruit cordials? Fruit forward and sweet, these new-age versions of the Loire Valley classic are as perfumed as they are pungent; structure free zones that…
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Margaret River – Quality Wines From The West

The Australian Wine Industry is fortunate to be blessed with a stellar reputation for the quality of the wines that our talented winemakers produce. Across the globe, our wines are highly regarded and widely prized by collectors and consumers alike. The wine industry is now Australia’s fifth largest agricultural exporter and, according to Australian Grape…
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Oysters & Riesling

Delaying gratification can yield long-term rewards

Australians love their wine; indeed, we are the tenth largest wine consuming country in the world with 98% of bottled wine consumed within 24 hours of purchase. Obviously, the lure of ‘instant gratification’ overrides the hidden pleasure of laying down a bottle of wine to savour the alchemy of maturity at a later date. Is…
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