Whispering Sisters, Old Block Shiraz 2012

Whispering Sisters, Old Block Shiraz 2012

Whispering Sisters, Old Block Shiraz 2012 Review

You’ve got to love Australian wine regions and more so, their diversity. From the gravelly loam soils of the Margaret River to the cool windy climate of Tasmania and the temperate
Mediterranean feel of South Australia’s McLaren Vale. The regional traits of the wines our country produces are remarkably varied, but their wildly different character is unmistakable.

So, in one sense, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the uniquely savoury character and unusual presence of the Whispering Sisters Old Block Shiraz 2012 that some friends brought back from a recent trip to the Riverina region near Griffith in New South Wales.

The Riverina region is a prolific grape producer, accounting for 15% of Australia’s grape production and is Australia’s largest single (wine) grape producing region. Against that background, it’s probably somewhat surprising that the area isn’t better known for its viticulture.

The Whispering Sisters Old Block Shiraz has a delightfully spicy black forest cake nose and, on the palate, the fruit is plump and ripe. There may be a touch of sweaty saddlebag and forest floor taint on the finish, but at less than $13 a bottle, you can’t expect 95 points! Best of all, it’s fun, individual, shows no pretense and while being very drinkable, is true to its local nuances.


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