Turkey Flat, Butchers Block 2010

Turkey Flat, Butchers Block 2010

Turkey Flat, Butchers Block 2010 Review

Question: When is a GSM not a GSM?

Answer: When it comes from the Barossa Valley.

While the blend of Grenache Shiraz (or Syrah) and Mouvedre (also called Mataro) (“GSM”) is the calling card of the southern Rhone region in France, some Australian producers have also had remarkable success with the marriage of the “Holy Trinity” of red wine varietals. In the Barossa Valley in South Australia, however, the Shiraz is typically of such high quality that their winemakers often prefer to lead with their best, making it the proportionally dominant grape in their version of the Rhone classic.

And Turkey Flat’s “Butcher’s Block” 2010 is no different as their SGM blend is 53% Shiraz, 31% Grenache and 16% Mouvedre with grapes they’ve selected from their Bethany, Stonewell and Koonunga vineyards.

If big red wines aren’t your thing, a GSM (or SGM in the Butcher’s Block example) is a perfect compromise as the Shiraz delivers the emboldened upfront ripe fruit flavours while the Grenache fills the mouth with its sweet cherried characters, before the Mouvedre lifts the nose and contributes the fine tannins that support the finish without sucking your cheeks in through your nasal cavity!

And at around $20 a bottle, it’s as good value as you’ll find in an Aussie GSM, although I reckon it’s a “drink now” proposition that won’t get much better. But then again, wine this good won’t last long in my house!


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