T’Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006

T’Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006

T'Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006 Review

Pinot Gris is generally a richer and more opulent style than its much leaner Italian Pinot Grigio cousin, which is made using the same grape. And if ever there was a complex and decadent Alsacian style of Pinot Gris, it is the T’Gallant Tribute Pinot Gris 2008.

I really like the dried fruit and herbaceous nose that leads to a luscious front palate reminiscent of peaches coasted in sugar syrup and a lashing of citrus peel. There is a delightful texture that is more chewy than sleek, but which benefits from a lees derived complexity that introduces confectionary and creamy characters along with a hint of honey and nougat at the back.

It is a perfect wine to serve with spicy Asian foods, but also very easily enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif. Fairly good value at $25-$30 a bottle, and definitely ready to drink now!


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