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Rutherglen Estate and its Unlikely “Marriage” to Durif

A big part of the enchantment and allure of the Australian wine industry is the quirkiness and the nuances of our wines, regions and winemaking practices. As a nation, the quality of our wines punch well above our global weight, and there are plenty of stories about unexpected success of varietals, winemakers and sub-regions. One…
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ldridge Estate 2015 Chardonnay

Eldridge Estate Chardonnay

The Mornington Peninsula was once a fertile agricultural and grazing region, but in more recent years has become a playground for Melbourne’s bizzoids and socialites. It’s as picturesque as it is conveniently located – being only an hour and a half from the city centre. There are literally hundreds of boutique wineries on the promontory…
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Travis Wine Review 2018 Scorpo Aubaine Chardonnay

Scorpo Chardonnay

For as long as I can remember, Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been revered for its stunning coastline, pristine beaches, rugged clifftops and golf courses – but not least of all, its pinot noir. If you’re a lover of wine, the district would be well and truly on your radar when searching for an affordable alternative…
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Yarra Valley Punt Road Travis Schultz and Tim Shand

Yarra Valley – Punt Road

Global warming has been prominent in the headlines and a topic of dinner table conversation for the last few years and I suspect that it won’t be long before those with pulling power in the wine industry confront the reality of climate change for viticulture and winemaking practices. With temperatures across the globe forecast to…
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Stefano Merbein Vineyard Sagrantino 2018

Stefano de Pieri Sagrantino 2018

Increase your knowledge of wine and sample something out of the box According to the experts, the contemporary wine consumer in Australia has a growing level of confidence in selecting a bottle of wine from the shelves, but ironically, a lower level of knowledge of wines than consumers did a decade ago. While branding remains…
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Polperro Wine tasting with Sam Coverdale and Travis Schultz at Noosa Food and Wine Festival

Taste of a local drop

Sunshine Coast surfer Sam Coverdale paid his wine-making dues to head up a vineyard of exceptional quality. The Sunshine Coast is hardly a region that is considered synonymous with the wine industry, nor does it have many reasons to claim ties to viticulture or oenology in general. So when a local of the region makes…
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Costanzo and Sons Kinship Chardonnay 2016

Costanzo & Sons Kinship Chardonnay 2016

It was 1878 when Ned Kelly and his band of bushrangers were drawn to the Strathboogie region in country Victoria by the prosperity of the area from wool production. Our most infamous bushranger and his henchmen successfully robbed the Euroa Bank of $2000 pounds in cash and a stash of gold. Fast forward 100 years…
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Toms Cap Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Review

Escape with Vine Wine

Wine Tourism is growing and the Gippsland Region should be top of your list Wine tourism is a burgeoning industry in Australia and with a falling Aussie dollar that trend seems destined to continue; especially for regions that are blessed with ideal terroir, temperate climate and close proximity to a large airport. One of the…
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Drinking Red in Summer

As the mercury climbs a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling usually becomes a Sunday afternoon staple, but a rise in the temperature doesn’t have to mean that the red varietals have to be banished to the back of the cellar. In fact, there are plenty of reds that are well suited to the…
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Bird On a Wire Chardonnay 2015 Review

Top Drop, Great Price

It may not be a universally held view, but to my palate, there is no more noble white wine varietal than Chardonnay. It’s a style that generally combines attractive fruit characters at the front, luscious mouthfeel through the middle and a gentle acidity to tighten and harness the fruit through the finish. And depending on…
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