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Taylors Jaraman Range

No one wants to pay more than they need to but the bitterness of poor quality lingers well after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. In these troubled economic times, most of us are constantly on the hunt for value; that Goldilocks balance that’s “just right” in the tension between quality and price. After…
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taylors estate travis schultz wine review

Taylors Shiraz

Riesling may be the rockstar varietal of the Clare Valley, but if you ask me, their shiraz is a well above average support act. Blessed with a moderate continental climate, the region enjoys warm days which are generally followed by afternoon breezes and cooler nights. And it’s this wide diurnal temperature range that makes for…
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Taylors Jaraman

Taylors Cabernet

The timing of International Cabernet Day on the last Thursday of August each year is just about perfect for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere as we battle the last of the winter westerlies and prepare our palates for the return of lighter styles in Spring. And with time of our side to prepare…
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Taylors - Reserve Parcel Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Review

Taylors, Reserve Parcel Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

I’ve always had tremendous respect for Mitchell Taylor and the wine-making team at the family-owned Taylors Wines in South Australia’s Clare Valley, but with a St Andrews Reserve Cabernet pitched at around $55, I struggle to understand the reason for recently releasing a “Reserve Parcel” Cabernet at its $25 price point! Perhaps it’s just the…
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Taylors Estate, Merlot 2010 Review

Taylors Estate, Merlot 2010

Although Merlot is the most common variety of grape grown in France, it’s never really hit its straps as a single varietal in the Australian wine market. Perhaps that’s because Merlot grapes tend to ripen too quickly in warm climates, or because Aussies just prefer the softness that it brings when blended with Cabernet and…
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Taylors, Eighty Acres Chardonnay Review

Taylors, Eighty Acres Chardonnay

If there’s one thing better than finding the perfectly fitting bargain at a Boxing Day sale, it’s stumbling across an exceptionally good wine at a price point that means you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy it. Australians are blessed to have so many really good wines available at budget price…
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