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Sinapius 2017 La Clairiére Pinot Noir

In a modern world in which economies of scale, efficiency in production, and maximisation of yield are so often the underlying aims of the corporate wineries, it’s refreshing to hear stories of success amongst the smaller scale battlers like Vaughn Dell and Linda Morice of Sinapius. They’re a bold new breed of winemaker who defy…
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Sense of time and place

Josef Chromy When a wine wins a major award, I’m like a moth drawn to a flouro light and in what must be a form of FOMO, I find myself compelled to track down a bottle to find out what all the fuss is about. So, when I found out that the Josef Chromy 2017…
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Devils Corner

Devil’s Corner

When close friends booked an Airbnb holiday house 15 kms from Swansea a couple of years ago, and then invited us to join them for a long weekend at the end of April, I was sure they’d gone bonkers. After all, who chooses to visit one of the coolest and windiest parts of Tasmania just…
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Swinging Gate Pinot Noir 2016

South State Aims High

Northern Tasmania is a region accustomed to regeneration. Not just in its seasonal scheduled back burning to reduce fuel for forest fires, but in its viticultural endeavours and oenological exploits. While grapes were first planted in the north of the state in the 1800’s, it wasn’t until the industry was re-examined in the 1950’s and…
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Pressing Matters Riesling R9 2012 Review

Tassie Temptation

Low Alcohol Wines It is a well-known industry deception, that the alcohol content of a wine as described on the bottle, is largely understated. The Food Standards Code in Australia allows a level of tolerance which generally means that wines are labelled as being lower in alcohol than they actually are. A recent study by…
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Heemskerk, Coal River Chardonnay 2012 Review

Heemskerk, Coal River Chardonnay 2012

If the ball-tearing, over-oaked, overdone and texturally repugnant malolactic style of Chardonnay bring a smile to your face and a tittle to your taste buds, then the Heemskerk Coal River Chardonnay 2012 is not the wine for you. But if you’re the discerning type of sophisticated white wine drinker who prefers the more refined and…
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