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It’s a fizzy time of the year….

From Jingle Bells to “ho ho ho” and all the way to “Happy New year”, the sound of popping corks is a prominent feature of the festive season all around the world. So much so, that according to French data, two-thirds of total annual champagne sales occur in the months from September to December! And…
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Bird in Hand - Sparkling Pinot Noir 2015 Review

Bird in Hand, Sparkling Pinot Noir 2015

As the festive season approaches, our thoughts turn to Christmas parties, entertaining and family reunions, and if mine is anything to go by, our palates tend to recalibrate themselves away from the heavy reds of winter in favour of cold, refreshing, crisp whites and at times, a salutary (and at times, celebratory) glass of bubbles.…
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Hanging Rock, Macedon Cuvee Brut X11 NV Review

Hanging Rock, Macedon Cuvee Brut X11 NV

There aren’t a lot of Australian made sparkling whites that rival those of the Champagne region in France, but the Hanging Rock Macedon Cuvée XII is certainly one such creature. Being from outside the famous French appellation, we can’t refer to it as “champagne”, but the rich characters, creamy texture and lingering yeastiness bear all…
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