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Will climate change tweak the taste of Australian wine?

Climate sceptics aside, it seems to be well accepted across the wine industry that average global temperatures are likely to rise in coming years and that there will be an unavoidable consequence for the wine industry. Regions that were once warm will need to deal with even hotter conditions, and those that have been historically…
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Seville Hill

A Taste of Italy

It could simply be logistical challenges and the tyranny of distance, or perhaps because Australian made wines offer such good value for money, but lovers of Old World wines aren’t exactly spoilt for choice in our local bottle shops. The term “Old World” simply refers to regions that are considered to be the birthplace of…
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A GOOD DROP: Seville Hill No. 8 Shiraz Review

A Good Drop – Seville Hill No. 8 Shiraz

What was once a small apple and cherry orchard near Seville in Victoria’s Yarra Valley is now Seville Hill Estate; a six-hectare vineyard producing low volumes of high-quality pinot gris, chardonnay, cabernet and shiraz grapes. Agriculturalists John and Josie D’Alosio removed the fruit trees and planted cabernet sauvignon vines in 1991, then expanded their range…
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