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Sauvignon Blanc: How New Zealand’s Popular Grape Became Australia’s Sweetest Obsession

It’s all New Zealand’s fault. And their day of reckoning will come. Why is it that a grape as popular, pretty and racy as sauvignon blanc became indistinguishable from Cottees fruit cordials? Fruit forward and sweet, these new-age versions of the Loire Valley classic are as perfumed as they are pungent; structure free zones that…
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Adelaide Hills vineyard

Forget Marlborough: Sauvignon Blanc drinkers should rejoice in the refined wines of Adelaide Hills

My visceral dislike of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is hardly a tightly guarded secret; and yes, I did once describe it as “one-dimensional cat-piss briefly soaked in lemon zest” but that was in reference to the Oyster Bay offering that is the biggest selling Sauvignon Blanc in the country. It’s a style that is as popular…
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People with wine glasses

Two buck Chuck, or worth every buck?

School holidays. Gotta love the break from routine and the chance to travel, relax or just bond with your kids. But we all know that the gap between school terms isn’t all beer and skittles. After all, the traffic can be horrendous, the house looks like a warzone, and all too often “those” relatives want to come and stay.

Roz White

It’s no champagne, or French champagne for Roz White

Business leader, entrepreneur and “locavore”, Roz White is undeniably one of the movers and shakers of the wider Sunshine Coast community. She wore the badge of Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network outstanding business leader in 2015 and was named regional owner/ entrepreneur leader of the year in 2016 by the Australian Institute of Management. Such…
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Discovering Angullong

It’s an ironic if not cruel twist of fate, but when our viticulturists do it tough through the drought, it’s the consumers who benefit from the struggles in the vineyard. In drought-stricken regions when a lack of water smashes the crop, the lower yields and stressed vines can mean a higher quality of fruit as…
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2018 Angullong Sauvignon Blanc

Cool vines offer variety

Orange’s climate elevation and diurnal temperature range is perfect for a number of grape varieties It’s always struck me as a bit of an oddity, but the blossoming region called Orange in mid-western New South Wales doesn’t grow citrus, let alone oranges. In fact, the staple crop of the region has historically been apples –…
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Vina Veramonte Wine Review

Chile’s savvy rise to favour

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc could be the next big thing Among white wine drinkers, sauvignon blanc is a name on almost everyone’s lips these days and perhaps somewhat ironically, the Old World regions steeped in the tradition of Sauvignon Blanc production are having to make way for the relative newcomers with their fresh and zesty styles…
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The Natural Wine Co

Organic – the Holy Grail?

Are ‘organic’ wines really worth the hype? Probably not.  I’d rather take it on a case-by-case basis. Biodynamics, Organics and “least intervention” agriculture are buzzwords that are seemingly taking the world by storm. Not only do manufacturers and retailers espouse the virtues of these uber-hip products but now, organic labels even have their own aisle…
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Ten Minutes by Tractor 2016 Ten X Sauvignon Blanc.

Ten Minutes by Tractor 2016 Ten X Sauvignon Blanc

Well before George Constanza claimed to have invented the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine, sauvignon blanc and I had long broken up. Though as Jerry Seinfeld observed “I thought things were going great”, but that was before the Marlborough Sauv-o-lanche. Back in the days when sauvignon blanc was green, grassy and showed herbaceous and…
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Stoneleigh Wild Valley 2015

Stoneleigh Wild Valley 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

It’s sweet, flabby and possibly cordialesque, yet the kiwi sauvalanche continues. The shelves of almost every bottle shop in the Country seemingly overflow with Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc yet despite its lolly water tag, it still outsells any other style many times over. And it’s not that I am some kind of purest or a jealously…
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