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Fat Fish, Barossa Shiraz 2008 Review

Fat Fish, Barossa Shiraz 2008

There really is something fishy about the 2008 Fat Fish Shiraz from the irrepressible Barossa Valley. It’s not the dark (if not almost black!) colour of the wine that beguiles the palate. And there’s nothing unusual about a wine conceived in the region showing such deep ripe berries that rise to a crescendo on the…
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 Shingleback, McLaren Vale Shiraz 2007 Review

Shingleback, McLaren Vale Shiraz 2007

The Shingleback McLaren Vale Shiraz is a wonderfully consistent wine and the 2007 release is no exception. It’s bright in the glass, bold up front with dark berries and mocha on the front palate, savoury cedar in the middle and has just a hint of spiciness in the finale. In its youthful state the obvious…
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Giaconda, Pinot Noir 2008 Review

Giaconda, Pinot Noir 2008

Although you’d expect it at the $70.00 plus price point, winemaker Rick Kinzbrunner has crafted another cracker of a wine with his current release 2008 Giaconda Pinot Noir. The blend of Yarra Valley and Beechworth (Victoria) grapes strikes the perfect balance of structure and fruit. It’s mid-ruby in the glass, gamey on the nose but…
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Morande, Reserva Carménère 2006 Review

Morande, Reserva Carmenere 2006

The Lost Wine Found – It may not be a well-known style but Carmenere is a wine set to stage an almighty comeback thanks to its rise as the signature varietal of the Chilean wine industry. Carmenere is often referred to as the ‘lost grape of Bordeaux’ as a result of the vines being wiped…
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Bethany, Shiraz 2006 Review

Bethany, Shiraz 2006

There aren’t too many winemakers around who hold back their reds for over five years before releasing them, but the Schrapel family from Bethany Wines are one of those rare breeds. The 2006 Bethany Shiraz shows the benefits of age from the nose to the toes and in fact, right across the palate. Some softness…
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