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Yangarra 2017 Grenache

The Blame Game!

If I had a “tenner” for every time I’ve heard people say that “the sulphites in red wine give me headaches”, I reckon I’d probably be on a plane to the Bahamas right now! Rightly or wrongly, sulphur dioxide (SO2) is often blamed as being the cause of hangovers and headaches on the morning after…
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Preston Peak

Maybe I’m becoming sentimental as middle age takes its grip, but when I recently learned that a cellar door outlet for a Granite Belt Winery has opened a few hundred metres from my childhood home, I couldn’t help but feel a wistful longing for a return to my childhood stomping ground – even if it…
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Paxis 2013 Red Blend Review

Portuguese Wine – Paxis 2013 Red Blend

When we think about Portuguese wine, it is fair to say that most of us can identify Port as their premier style of fortified, but beyond that, draw a blank. The Country has developed a reputation across the globe for the quality of the cork it produces as a seal for wine vessels, but I…
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Pyramids Road 2016 Petit Verdot

Pyramids Road Winery nurtures

Founders of Pyramids Road Winery, Warren and Sue Smith are certainly not your average school teachers. Having left their calling to plant a vineyard in 1999, these educators are far from stereotypical vignerons and some might suggest, perhaps might harbour just a touch of inner hippie! Though both Warren and Sue work the vineyard, these…
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Eldridge Estate Gamay


Despite that famous line from the 2004 movie, Sideways “If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am not drinking (expletive) Merlot!”, the style has long been the compromise for red wine drinkers seeking a softer but fruit driven style. It appeals to palates that find Shiraz and Cabernet too heavy, but desire more weight that…
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Rouge et or 2015 by Chateau Minuty

Provencale Paradise

Another day in the French Riviera, and another opportunity for some serious viticultural research. Though, given that Rose from Provence is beginning to dominate the pink vin de table market, one hardly needs to travel the 16,000 kilometres to Cannes to sample wines from the region! Just take a look at the origin of the…
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