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Does Organic Wine Really Taste Better?

When it comes to organic labelling of products, Australian consumers have become accustomed to paying a premium for the ecolabel on the packaging but somewhat ironically, it has been quite the contrary with bottled wine. Whether it’s because of a perceived trade-off of quality for ecologically focused practices in the vineyard, or just that the…
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Vina Veramonte Wine Review

Chile’s savvy rise to favour

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc could be the next big thing Among white wine drinkers, sauvignon blanc is a name on almost everyone’s lips these days and perhaps somewhat ironically, the Old World regions steeped in the tradition of Sauvignon Blanc production are having to make way for the relative newcomers with their fresh and zesty styles…
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The Natural Wine Co

Organic – the Holy Grail?

Are ‘organic’ wines really worth the hype? Probably not.  I’d rather take it on a case-by-case basis. Biodynamics, Organics and “least intervention” agriculture are buzzwords that are seemingly taking the world by storm. Not only do manufacturers and retailers espouse the virtues of these uber-hip products but now, organic labels even have their own aisle…
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