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Vina Veramonte Wine Review

Chile’s savvy rise to favour

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc could be the next big thing Among white wine drinkers, sauvignon blanc is a name on almost everyone’s lips these days and perhaps somewhat ironically, the Old World regions steeped in the tradition of Sauvignon Blanc production are having to make way for the relative newcomers with their fresh and zesty styles…
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Emiliana Organic Vineyards

Chile Keeps Wine Green

Whether you think it’s marketing hoo-hah or just agronomist hocus-pocus, the rise of biodynamic and organic viticulture in winemaking has been as rapid as it is profound. Just scan the shelves of your local bottle shop and it will be difficult to miss the proud declarations of each club member winery to the biodynamic farming…
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Lapostolle Chile

The Great Wine Divide

It’s often observed that the same wines, produced in geographically diverse regions, can produce disparate results in the glass and on the palate. And the truism is underscored when travelling to a different continent where not only is the terroir unique, but the winemaking heritage and practices have taken a different path to those that…
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Chile Wine Trip 2018

Chile Trip a Mixed Bag

When a close mate announced he was travelling to South America for Chilean Wine Week in Portillo for his 50th birthday, and extended an invitation to join him, it was like moths to a porch light – not just for me, but for 11 of us in total. After all, what better way to expand…
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Morande, Reserva Carménère 2006 Review

Morande, Reserva Carmenere 2006

The Lost Wine Found – It may not be a well-known style but Carmenere is a wine set to stage an almighty comeback thanks to its rise as the signature varietal of the Chilean wine industry. Carmenere is often referred to as the ‘lost grape of Bordeaux’ as a result of the vines being wiped…
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