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Moorooduc Estate McIntyre Chardonnay 2014

Charonnay to die for

Moorooduc Estate 2014 McIntyre Vineyard Chardonnay will enamour your taste buds I may be stealing a song lyric from over a decade ago but, as Fats Domino famously sang, “I’m in love again”! I have always said that Chardonnay is the most regal of white wine varietals, but in recent years, some of the lean…
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De Bortoli - Sacred Hill Chardonnay 2015 Review

De Bortoli, Sacred Hill Chardonnay 2015

The value end of the retail wine spectrum is a busy if not duopolistic space, but if you can look past the “specials” promoted by the Coles and Woolworths operations, there are some Australian made wines punching well above their weight. Like the De Bortoli Sacred Hill Chardonnay 2015. It’s a product of the Riverina…
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Henri Bourgeois - Pouilly-Fume en Travertin 2013 Review

TarraWarra Estate, Chardonnay 2013

It may be a style that waxes and wanes in its popularity, but at least from my palate’s perspective, good Chardonnay never goes out of style. And I accept that at times Chardonnay can be pricey and occasionally become over-oaked and sometimes even fall flat, but if you stick to cool climate regions, you’ll seldom…
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Heemskerk, Coal River Chardonnay 2012 Review

Heemskerk, Coal River Chardonnay 2012

If the ball-tearing, over-oaked, overdone and texturally repugnant malolactic style of Chardonnay bring a smile to your face and a tittle to your taste buds, then the Heemskerk Coal River Chardonnay 2012 is not the wine for you. But if you’re the discerning type of sophisticated white wine drinker who prefers the more refined and…
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Shingleback, Red Knot Chardonnay 2012 Review

Shingleback, Red Knot Chardonnay 2012

While the McLaren Vale in South Australia is best known for its ripe spicy berry Shiraz, some vintages from the region also produce very good whites, and 2012 was definitely one of those years. The beauty of the McLaren Vale is that when Mother Nature is kind to the vignerons, you don’t have to pay…
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Devil's Lair, "The Hidden Cave" Chardonnay 2012 Review

Devil’s Lair, “The Hidden Cave” Chardonnay 2012

The Devil’s Lair Chardonnay has always been a wine that is near and dear to my heart, but I can’t help but feel a little jaded since the winemaker, Oliver Crawford, put her once bold and oaky Chardy on a diet. Where once the flavours were full, the texture creamy and the mouth feel buttery…
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Red Knot , Chardonnay 2011 Review

Red Knot, Chardonnay 2011

South Australia’s McLaren Vale may be best known for its full-bodied reds, but it’s also a region that can also produce a good quality chardy – and at a very reasonable price tag. The 2011 Red Knot Chardonnay is made by Shingleback and hits the shelves at around only $15.00 a bottle. It’s light in…
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Shingleback, Chardonnay 2010 Review

Shingleback, Chardonnay 2010

We’ve always been ‘the Lucky Country’, but if you ever needed to be reminded just how lucky…grab a bottle of the Shingleback 2010 Chardonnay and see for yourself! The wine hails from the McLaren Vale region in South Australia, which is renowned for its uncanny resemblance to the Mediterranean climate with wet winters, dry summers…
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Brookland Valley, Verse 1 Chardonnay 2010 Review

Brookland Valley, Verse 1 Chardonnay 2010

I’m normally a sucker for a Margaret River Chardonnay, but they really should have called this one “The Verse 1 Doughnut”, because I reckon there’s a really big hole in the middle. The French Oak and yeast lees are evident on the nose from the moment that you raise your glass. At first, the front…
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Giaconda Chardonnay Review

Giaconda Chardonnay

If you ask a dozen wine critics to prepare a list of their “top 10” iconic Australian wines, there’s little doubt that the Giaconda Chardonnay from Rick Kinzbrunner’s vineyard in Beechworth, Victoria would feature prominently on almost all of them. Just ask James Halliday who consistently rates it as a 95 plus pointer. Its richness…
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