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Champagne Deutz

Champagne’s up and downs

Like all primary producers, those in the wine industry have their ups and downs from year to year and season to season. There are so many “uncontrollables”; drought, frost, flood and pest infestation being just a few of the more common ones.  Not even the most successful and high profile regions are immune from misfortune…
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Howard Park Wines

Home-grown bubbles are worth the pop!

With over 8,500,000 bottles imported in 2020 – an annual increase of 11.2%, it seems that Champagne has never been so popular amongst Australian sparkling wine consumers, at least for now. Like so many other industries, pandemic-related supply chain issues and increased demand have left many retailers having to impose sales limits of many favourite…
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Roz White

It’s no champagne, or French champagne for Roz White

Business leader, entrepreneur and “locavore”, Roz White is undeniably one of the movers and shakers of the wider Sunshine Coast community. She wore the badge of Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network outstanding business leader in 2015 and was named regional owner/ entrepreneur leader of the year in 2016 by the Australian Institute of Management. Such…
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Tyson Stelzer

Talking champagne with Tyson Stelzer

With the Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before champagne is on almost everyone’s lips. And not just as a topic of conversation. So in that context, my recent catch-up with Australia’s pre-eminent champagne guru, Tyson Stelzer, was rather timely. Although he’s a Brissie boy, this one time…
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Bubbles boilover…

The increasing sophistication of the wine drinker is evident across the marketplace, but the explosion of the consumer’s savvy suaveness is perhaps most pronounced when it comes to fizz. After all, are there any wine buffs and connoisseurs that don’t profess to be able to capably discern between French fizz and local sparkling white; or…
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Duperrey Champagne

Australians love their fizz; so much so that according to the 2018 data, we are the seventh-largest market for Champagne in the world. And at 8.38 million bottles imported in the year, that’s the second-highest amount of champenoise that we’ve ever consumed. And while the global market for French bubbles has only inched forward in…
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It’s a fizzy time of the year….

From Jingle Bells to “ho ho ho” and all the way to “Happy New year”, the sound of popping corks is a prominent feature of the festive season all around the world. So much so, that according to French data, two-thirds of total annual champagne sales occur in the months from September to December! And…
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Jacquart Brut NV Review

Can I cellar my champagne?

It’s a well understood phenomenon of consumer behaviour that the vast majority of wines purchased in Australia are consumed within 24 hours of it exiting the bottle shop, but for those who are prepared to be the exception to the rule, the rewards of patience can be considerable. These days, most winemakers craft their wares…
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