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Is wine better out of a bottle or a cask? The answer might surprise you!

Call it a goonsack, spacebag, bogan briefcase or plonk pillow, the humble wine cask is a uniquely Australian contraption that revolutionised large format wine sales through the 1970’s and to this day, remains as Aussie as vegemite on your toast or lamb cutlets on your barbie. Since the design was first patented by Australian Winemaker,…
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Two buck Chuck, or worth every buck?

School holidays. Gotta love the break from routine and the chance to travel, relax or just bond with your kids. But we all know that the gap between school terms isn’t all beer and skittles. After all, the traffic can be horrendous, the house looks like a warzone, and all too often “those” relatives want to come and stay.

Temple Bruer Wines

While the French and the Americans are still fighting about what it means to be an “organic” wine, there are some up-and-coming Australian producers who are kicking goals with “preservative free” styles of popular varietals; wineries like Temple Bruer in South Australia who are not only organic but also vegan friendly. I hadn’t ever had…
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