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Longview Vineyards with Travis Schultz

Award-winning Longview Vineyard

Italian varietals are on the ascendency in Australian vineyards, and for good reason. Our climate is largely well-suited and our forward thinking and progressive winemakers are proving that they can make Italian native styles as successfully as their counterparts in the country that is famously shaped like a boot. In recent years, Italian varietals have…
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Adelaide Hills vineyard

Forget Marlborough: Sauvignon Blanc drinkers should rejoice in the refined wines of Adelaide Hills

My visceral dislike of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is hardly a tightly guarded secret; and yes, I did once describe it as “one-dimensional cat-piss briefly soaked in lemon zest” but that was in reference to the Oyster Bay offering that is the biggest selling Sauvignon Blanc in the country. It’s a style that is as popular…
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he Lane 19th Meeting Cabernet Sauvignon

The Lane 19th Meeting Cabernet

When our Easter long weekend trip to the Adelaide Hills had to be cancelled due to a global pandemic, so too were my plans to write up an array of the best wineries from the region – places like Bird in Hand, Nepenthe and Shaw and Smith. The anticipation of the Hills’s best chardonnays, sauvignon…
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Unico Zelo Fiano

If my recent straw poll of white wine drinkers is any guide, so-called Savolanche – Australia’s fascination with sauvignon blanc from the Marlborough region in the north of the Shaky-Isles – seems to have finally begun to decline. And that would be to the collective sigh of hundreds, if not thousands, of winemakers around the…
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Nepenthe Wines

Spectacular Hahndorf vineyards don’t disappoint

When a good mate of mine emailed me to let me know that our 2020 boys wine appreciation trip was a visit to Hahndorf in South Australia, I smiled from ear to ear. I’ve visited the German hamlet in the Adelaide Hills a few times before and I’ve always thought that it’s up there with…
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Hahndorf Hill Blaufrankisch

Hahndorf Hill Blaufrankisch

It’s always a treat to find a new wine that is unusual, quirky or different, but when its quality also surprises on the upside, it’s an absolute bonus! And so it was when I recently visited one of my favourite local haunts, Harry’s on Buderim, for a Friday night catchup with a friend when I…
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Nepenthe Altitude Shiraz 2015

Nepenthe and Summer – a match made in heaven!

You’ve gotta love living in Queensland in summer. Swimming in the pool, barbeques on the deck, long days and even longer walks on the beach. It’s awesome. But as the mercury climbs and the humidity starts to suffocate you like the carpet python that caught my sister’s kitten that time, it can become a challenge…
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hahndorf Hill rose 2016

Coming up roses

Hahndorf Hill blend impresses They are a producer best known for their successful introduction of Gruner Veltliner to the Australian Wine Consumer and now the team at Hahndorf Hill are pioneering other Austrian styles like Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt and St Laurent and now, it seems, Trollinger as well. They may not be house hold names, but…
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Bird in Hand Pinot Rose 2015 Review

Bird in Hand, Pinot Rosé 2015

Call it pink, salmon, pale red or rosy, the Bird in Hand Pinot Rosé is certainly a light and lively rosé colour in the glass and wears its strawberry cloak from the nose right through to a semi-dry finish. Hailing from the cool Adelaide Hills vineyards of Bird in Hand, the Pinot Noir grapes were…
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Bird in Hand - Sparkling Pinot Noir 2015 Review

Bird in Hand, Sparkling Pinot Noir 2015

As the festive season approaches, our thoughts turn to Christmas parties, entertaining and family reunions, and if mine is anything to go by, our palates tend to recalibrate themselves away from the heavy reds of winter in favour of cold, refreshing, crisp whites and at times, a salutary (and at times, celebratory) glass of bubbles.…
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