Plan B, CB Chenin Blanc 2012

Plan B, CB Chenin Blanc 2012

Plan B, CB Chenin Blanc 2012 Review

While I’ve never been a disciple to the sweet and floral style of white wine, I admit that everything has its place. And while I would never countenance serving Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc as a table wine with anything I’d personally prepared, there are times when an aromatic white wine with high residual sugar is the perfect food partner, especially when spicy Asian meals are on the menu. And at times like that, I reckon that the “go-to” vino should be Chenin Blanc. Where some styles of the varietal are highly acidic and extremely dry, examples like the Plan B Chenin Blanc 2012 are all Chanel No 5 on the nose and delightfully sweet citrus and melon on the palate. There’s ample sweetness right across the palate, but the Plan B has just a touch of waxy acidity at the back to prevent it from becoming a flabby lollybomb.

It probably won’t work very well with pasta or rice, but served with chilli or paprika laden foods it will certainly support the flavours and take the edge off the spiciness. I wouldn’t suggest drinking it on its own (unless you’re the type that likes your whites with a slight toffee apple sweetness) but well chilled, and with spicy chicken or seafood, it’s a match made in heaven…or at least, the Margaret River in WA!

At only around $21.99 a bottle, it should be a staple on the wine list of every Thai and Korean restaurant in town!


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