Gibbston Valley, Gold River 2011

Gibbston Valley, Gold River 2011

Gibbston Valley, Gold River 2011 Review

Buying Pinot Noir can be a tricky business; not just because of the wide range of wines available or the diverse regions that they hail from, but because the price point can increase exponentially as the quality improves. Finding value is truly a balancing exercise between price point and quality.

Pinot is a difficult grape to grow as it is “high maintenance” (compared to other varietals) and relatively low yielding. As a result, it’s generally an expensive wine by the time it hits the shelf. So it’s refreshing to find an example like the Gibbston Valley Gold River Pinot Noir 2011 that not only stimulates the senses but which is affordable for those of us who aren’t mining magnates!

The beauty of Pinot is its lively bouquet and red cherry characters on the palate, and the Gold River doesn’t disappoint. It has all the strawberry edged cherriness that is typical of a Central Otago Pinot, but none of the thick, if not astringent tannins that can sometimes creep into more heavily oaked versions of the wine. It falls away slightly at the back but retains the silky majesty that Pinot is famous for.

At less than $30 a bottle, the Gold River is exceptional value and typically fruit driven, forward and ready to compliment your next lamb roast!


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