Giaconda Chardonnay

Giaconda Chardonnay

Giaconda Chardonnay Review

If you ask a dozen wine critics to prepare a list of their “top 10” iconic Australian wines, there’s little doubt that the Giaconda Chardonnay from Rick Kinzbrunner’s vineyard in Beechworth, Victoria would feature prominently on almost all of them. Just ask James Halliday who consistently rates it as a 95 plus pointer.

Its richness is apparent from the moment your nose hovers and your lips touch the glass. Pears and peaches at the front quickly transition to complex vanilla and honey spices at the back. Beautifully balanced and perfectly textured…Sheer opulence!

The winemaker may only visit the Coast a couple of times a year, but his world-renowned Chardonnay is on the Berardo’s (Noosa) wine list all year round!


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