Deisen, Barossa Grenache 2010

Deisen, Barossa Grenache 2010

Deisen, Barossa Grenache 2010, Review

Wow. It’s not often that I try a wine for the first time and immediately search for descriptive superlatives, but the Deisen Barossa Grenache 2010 left me in an adjective free zone and bordering on speechless.

Grenache is a style that is normally used in Bordeaux blends which on its own can be floral and aromatic but generally comes over oaked and somewhat tannic. Enter the Deisen. It’s 85% Grenache and supported by a dash of Barossa Shiraz. Its nose is true to the style and as floral as an Interflora delivery. But it’s on the palate that the A Grade juice does its best work showering a cascade of red berries and ripe plumbs into every corner of your mouth. To me, the great attraction of the wine is the strawberries and cream that caress their way across the top of your tongue before a cranberry edge drives a finale that is more sweet than savoury and without any of the tannic burden that you often see in a straight Grenache.

The only downside to the wine is that it’s not easy to find. You’ll have to search for this Barossa gem or perhaps just call winemaker, Sabine Deisen, on her mobile!


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