Brockenchack, Zip Line Shiraz 2014

Brockenchack, Zip Line Shiraz 2014

Brockenchack, Zip Line Shiraz 2014 Review

Australian wine consumers are a fortunate bunch.  Not only do we have a wide range of varietals to choose from, but we are blessed with remarkable quality for the prices we are asked to pay.  And no more so than amongst our vigneron’s Shiraz offerings where the Brockenchack Zip Line Shiraz 2014 is one of the year’s standout value propositions.

Selling at around $20 a bottle, the Zip Line is true to its Eden Valley heritage and is typically deep, dark and mysterious in the glass.  The nose is raisinesque with hints of mocha and vanilla essence, yet on the palate, stewed raspberries and blackcurrant characters evolve and don a spicy cloak for the conclusion.  It’s a wine of surprising depth and presence which has adequate natural acidity to balance the generous fruit, and just enough oak exposure to provide a tannic backbone throughout.

The French would never believe that our winemakers can put this type of wine on the table at the equivalent of €14 a bottle yet here in Australia, we tend to take this type of value proposition for granted.

The 2014 vintage of the Brockenchack Zip Line is probably their best yet, so perhaps we’d better stock up before our international friends discover it!


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