Ambassador Role

True to BMW’s reputation for quality that stands the test of time, Coastline BMW’s longest serving Brand Ambassador Travis Schultz has represented Coastline BMW for a number of years at various events in the Sunshine Coast region.

With Coastline BMW as Australia’s number one-ranked BMW dealership and Travis one of the Sunshine Coast’s pre-eminent figures, this is a partnership that finds its alignment in being ‘the ultimate’ in the respective automotive and legal fields.

From charity events supported by Coastline BMW to sporting events and new vehicle launches, Travis represents a direct link between the Sunshine Coast community and Coastline BMW – and he loves to make introductions!

For more information about how Travis can help you secure a great deal at Coastline BMW, please contact Travis or Coastline BMW.

Look out for Travis at the upcoming launch of the BMW 3 Series, Z4, X7 and more in 2019!