Month: July 2020


Wine is many different things to individuals. To some, it’s a social lubricant while to others it’s a digestive served with a meal or even just an end of the week anaesthetic! But whatever it is, there’s no doubt that is used accompanies a conversation or a story – and sometimes the wine can be…
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BS, wine rankings and why you should ignore the experts.

BS, wine rankings and why you should ignore the experts

There’s no doubt that gold medals, wine show trophies and high ratings from wine critics and judges are worth big dollars to wine makers and wineries. And it’s not just in Australia that producers scramble to attract the attention of the influential critics and “experts”. Around the world, wine companies compete, jostle and hustle for…
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Travis Schultz Wine Review

Fool’s Gold, Old Wives’ Tales and Debunking Wine Myths

We’ve all heard them, often believed them and sometimes even republished them; but the sad reality is that urban myths about wine seemingly spread faster than coronavirus in a Wuhan wet market! Some of the lines my dear sister comes up with have made me choke on my chardonnay over the years, but the one…
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Travis Schultz: Rice Boi’s top-selling wine may surprise you

Entrepreneur, restauranteur and all-round great bloke, Tony Kelly is synonymous with the Sunshine Coast’s dining scene. Having started out as a chef, the trade he first fell in love with, in his mother’s kitchen has led him to design, create and run a range of successful restaurants and bistro’s over the years culminating in him…
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