Month: August 2019

Taylors Jaraman

Taylors Cabernet

The timing of International Cabernet Day on the last Thursday of August each year is just about perfect for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere as we battle the last of the winter westerlies and prepare our palates for the return of lighter styles in Spring. And with time of our side to prepare…
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Devils Corner

Devil’s Corner

When close friends booked an Airbnb holiday house 15 kms from Swansea a couple of years ago, and then invited us to join them for a long weekend at the end of April, I was sure they’d gone bonkers. After all, who chooses to visit one of the coolest and windiest parts of Tasmania just…
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Mudgee Cabernet

The world’s most widely planted premium red wine grape, cabernet sauvignon was once exclusively found in France, but over the centuries has travelled and found new homes across the globe. From California in the United States to Stellenbosch in South Africa and Tuscany in Italy it has thrived under a range of climatic conditions and…
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