Month: March 2019

2018 Angullong Sauvignon Blanc

Cool vines offer variety

Orange’s climate elevation and diurnal temperature range is perfect for a number of grape varieties It’s always struck me as a bit of an oddity, but the blossoming region called Orange in mid-western New South Wales doesn’t grow citrus, let alone oranges. In fact, the staple crop of the region has historically been apples –…
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Google, Facebook and Surveillance Capitalism

Do the social and digital behemoths have lessons to learn from the Gilded Age? The digital age we live in provides convenient access to information and people, but at a price that may ultimately prove too high for consumers to bear. Where once we were “customers”, “clients” or even “patrons”, now the public have become…
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Oakvale Spring Farm Vineyard Graciano 2015

Spice up your style

Experience a taste of Spain and broaden your horizons with the Rioja wine varieties It’s cool to be different these days, and if you’re in the dining sector, you’ll be attuned to the preferences of the funky hipster types; no more is it sufficient to offer five different beers or a range of wines from…
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Cable Bay Vineyards

Can’t resist Island Wine

Easy to get to, this Kiwi destination is littereed with vines and blessed with a landscape punctuated by cafe It matters not whether you’re a grey nomad, a Kiwi returning home or a seasoned wine tourist, no visit to Auckland is complete without a brief detour to the Hauraki Gulf’s most populous island, Waiheke. Recently…
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Forget digital disruption, the biggest risk to the professional services sector is ourselves

Talk to any consultant, adviser or business coach and they’ll tell you that the digital age is transforming the business landscape and bringing with it both opportunities and threats. And very often their seminal teaching is that we must adapt, embrace new digital technologies to improve efficiencies, and ready ourselves to counter the threat of…
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Nick Spencer Gruner Veltliner 2018

Too Good to Resist

Nick Spencer Gruner Veltliner 2018 Back in the 1920’s when Jack O’Hagan penned his famed Australian folk song, there was an old-fashioned shack on the track, winding back along the Road to Gundagai. But if you take a journey to the rural town these days, you’ll find that the track is sealed, the shacks are…
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