Month: May 2018

Adam Richardson Wine Review

Adam Richardson – Hard Hill Road Vineyard

We all love drinking wines that come with a story, and while much is written about wines, wineries and even their wine dogs, rarely do we get told about the background of the winemaker themselves. After all, these days, major producers are more concerned about corporate branding and profiling their product rather than any back…
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Brockenchack Zipline Shiraz Review

A Touch of Eden

I was wrong. There it is. My wife will chime in that it “certainly isn’t the first time”, and she’s right – and it won’t be the last. But when I first heard that the Buderim based Founding Director of the Coast’s largest construction company Evans Harch was uprooting to move with his wife to…
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Nero d'Avola Review

Nero d’Avola

Rich, voluptuous and complex. No, I’m not about to review a recent episode of the diatribe that the Kardashian clan masquerade as acceptable television content, but rather discuss the Nero d’Avola grape that is Sicily’s best known native red wine varietal. Often compared to Shiraz or Grenache, it has the fullish body of a warm…
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