Month: April 2018

Kangaroo Island Trading Company Merlot 2015 Review

Hopping in on an Island

If we think if Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, the mental picture is typically one of seals, sea lions, penguin colonies and picturesque national parks. Sadly, it seems, us Queenslanders are largely unaware that the Island also possesses a perfect climate for viticulture and is home to about 30 vignerons and around…
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Jacquart Brut NV Review

Can I cellar my champagne?

It’s a well understood phenomenon of consumer behaviour that the vast majority of wines purchased in Australia are consumed within 24 hours of it exiting the bottle shop, but for those who are prepared to be the exception to the rule, the rewards of patience can be considerable. These days, most winemakers craft their wares…
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Deisen Mataro 2004 Review

Monastrell, Mourvedre or Mataro?

“Monastrell, Mourvedre or Mataro?” I asked my friend’s Rebecca, John and Michael when they recently called over to pick up their 10-year-old sons after a post-rugby playdate late on Saturday afternoon. Darkness was imposing itself on what had otherwise been a glorious day of autumn Queensland weather and it was most certainly wine o’clock. So…
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