Month: July 2017

Kies Family Wines

A Changing of the guard

A new breed of winemaker is changing the face of the globally renowned region, challenging the conventional approach to winemaking. The strength of South Australia’s Barossa Valley as a Shiraz producing district is globally recognized, but a new breed of winemaker is emerging in the region and subtly shifting emphasis away from Shiraz and traditional…
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Pyramids Road 2016 Petit Verdot

Pyramids Road Winery nurtures

Founders of Pyramids Road Winery, Warren and Sue Smith are certainly not your average school teachers. Having left their calling to plant a vineyard in 1999, these educators are far from stereotypical vignerons and some might suggest, perhaps might harbour just a touch of inner hippie! Though both Warren and Sue work the vineyard, these…
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How to Order Wine Like a Connoisseur

We’ve all been there. You’re in new company, at a flash restaurant and suddenly the wine list is thrust at you and you’re told that you’re in charge of ordering the wine for the table. You squirm nervously in your seat, wipe away the sweat line that has unexpectedly appeared on your upper brow and…
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Deisen Autumn Song Grenache

Oldest vines thrive here

They produce Grenache wines of complexity The Grenache varietal is thought to have originated in Spain, where the hot dry climate is ideal. PARADOXICAL it may be but, despite Australia being a “New World” wine producer, we are also home to some of the oldest Grenache vines in the world! While European vineyards suffered at…
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Travis Schultz and Adam Peren

Homecoming for one of Two Sisters

“I like to try everything” Niamh (“Neve”) Peren tells me. And these are not the words of an experimental millennial, but rather the open-minded views of the globe-trotting daughter of Adam and Kristin Peren, the folks behind the “Two Sisters” brand from Central Otago. Niamh has recently returned home to the family property at Gibbston…
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Rose wine

A Rose Revolution?

Trend, fad, passion or fetish, call it what you will, but the growing obsession with rosé as a style seems to have finally entrenched itself in foodie culture and it seems the craze is not confined to Australian shores. In the US, a 2014 industry report observed an annual increase in retail sales of rosé…
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