Month: June 2017

Meerea Park a five-star delight

As Australia’s oldest wine region and having some of the world’s oldest grape vine root-stock, the Hunter Valley success story is perhaps understandable. After all, the Valley is close to Sydney and Newcastle, produces outstanding Semillon and Shiraz and is home to any number of five-star wineries. One of my favourite vineyards, Meerea Park, may…
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Wine Tasting. Photo credit Paul Foley

World Class wines in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, less than a couple of hours northwest of Sydney and 45 minutes due west of Newcastle, has a relatively short history by global standards, but it is still the oldest wine region in Australia. Despite its relative youth, the region boasts some of the world’s oldest grape vines, largely because of the…
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Seville Hill

A Taste of Italy

It could simply be logistical challenges and the tyranny of distance, or perhaps because Australian made wines offer such good value for money, but lovers of Old World wines aren’t exactly spoilt for choice in our local bottle shops. The term “Old World” simply refers to regions that are considered to be the birthplace of…
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