Month: March 2013

Tomich Hill, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2008 Review

Tomich Hill, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2008

Growing Pinot Noir in Australia is always a bit hit and miss. After all, it’s a grape that shows its best in a cool climate, but even the so-called “cool climate” regions in our sunburnt land can be subject to significant seasonal variations. And the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia is no different despite…
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Rock Ferry- Rapaura Riesling 2011 Review

Rock Ferry, Rapaura Riesling 2011

It wasn’t all that long ago that organically and biodynamically produced wines were often regarded as somehow inferior to their chemically supported cousins, but such is the quality of modern farming practices that the inference that “biodynamics” means “B-Grade”, seems lost forever. An emerging example of the quality of organic viticultural practices is the Rock…
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T'Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006 Review

T’Gallant, Tribute Pinot Gris 2006

Pinot Gris is generally a richer and more opulent style than its much leaner Italian Pinot Grigio cousin, which is made using the same grape. And if ever there was a complex and decadent Alsacian style of Pinot Gris, it is the T’Gallant Tribute Pinot Gris 2008. I really like the dried fruit and herbaceous…
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Loomwine, Crowded Hour Shiraz 2011 Review

Loomwine, Crowded Hour Shiraz 2011

The “budget” end of the red wine market has become a cluttered space in recent years. With the ready availability of so-called “cleanskins”, online sales, auctions and heavy discounting by the stores owned by the major supermarkets, the Australian consumer is spoilt for choice at the sub $15 price point. But buying a case of…
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Balgownie Estate, Black Label Sparkling Shiraz 2008 Review

Balgownie Estate, Black Label Sparkling Shiraz 2008

While it may be the French who can lay claim to producing the best “Méthode Champenoise” (sparkling white that is bottle fermented) white wines in their “Champagne” region, I doubt that many countries can produce a better sparkling red than Australia. After all, our Shiraz and Cabernet grapes are amongst the world’s best and with…
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