O’Leary Walker, Polish Hill River Riesling 2014

O’Leary Walker, Polish Hill River Riesling 2014

O'Leary Walker, Polish Hill River Riesling 2014 Review

Whether you’re a wine novice, occasional tippler or even a connoisseur, we all have very different palates when it comes to the type and style of wine we find most appealing. As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and in wine, there is no more divisive style than Riesling. It’s a grape which produces widely different outcomes depending on its heritage. It can be floral and aromatic if sourced from regions like the South Island of New Zealand, or dry and highly acidic if it hails from the limestone soils of places like the Clare Valley.

Personally, I enjoy Riesling from almost any region, but the steely flintiness of the slate and limestone influence in the Clare Valley never ceases to excite my taste buds.

And the O’Leary Walker Polish Hill River 2014 Riesling is as dry, steely and citric as you’ll find in our premier Riesling producing region. I really enjoy the way that the green gooseberry flavours suck in your cheeks before the orange zest characters reveal themselves at the back of the palate. There’s a genuine crispness to the clean and lean finish.

It’s a tight wine which is perhaps more approachable when served only lightly chilled, but, either way, it’s perfect with delicate entrees like natural oysters or prawn cocktail salads.
At only around $20 to $22 a bottle, it’s not overpriced, and that’s probably a rare treat for an organically grown wine!


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